Monday, November 18, 2013

Funny Signs of the Day - 20 Pics (11.18.2013)

baby burgers, funny business name

no smoking bunny sign

private customer parking only all others will be toad, funny misspelled signs

brand new used tires sign

warning this area contains flesh eating zombies

confusing road sign

employee must wash hands especially earl, funny hacked sign

store price sign

priced to thrill 64 cent cucumbers

sign giving the bird

funny billboard placing

toilet sign wieners and buns

meth not even once

bar sign free air guitar with every pint

prices subject to change according to customers attitude

psa condom for soldier

know the difference between white and wong

restaurant sign you come you eat you like you come back

fuck the duck until exploded, funny english

this note is diversion while i steal your shoes


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